How to support Iranian women?

Negin Shiraghaei
2 min readSep 28, 2022

I’m sure by now, you have heard of Mahsa Amini’s name, or as her family and friends prefer to call her, “Jina”. If you want to know more about the socio-economic background of what’s happening in Iran read my piece.

Jina’s name has now turned into a sign, a sign to fight for “Woman, Life, Freedom”. With over 130 million hashtags used over Twitter, honoring everything that her name is now standing for.

On Sunday 2 October 2022, we will gather on the streets of our cities, wherever we are. Also on online platforms, we use our collective creativity to echo the voice of this feminist movement and the other oppressed people of Iran.

Sisters! Comrades! Join to support the Iranian people’s protests and amplify the voice of women and LGBTQI+ individuals in Iran. We will stand together in the name of Jina and “Woman Life Freedom”.

Call to action:

You can join us by recording a short video of yourself talking about one feminist issue within your community so we can connect the voice of Iranian women and LGBTQI+ individuals to the global force for change. Use these hashtags so we can echo each other’s voices: #MahsaAmini

Join our voice and be part of the history.

With love,

Negin on behalf of
A collective of Iranian feminists



Negin Shiraghaei

I am an Iranian-British entrepreneur, activist, and a former news anchor at BBC. I am the co-founder of March Health, a fem-tech solution.